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The "Best Recipe" for Excellent health

Would you like to Help others Get Healthy?

Pay it forward!

Being a Health coach helps me keep my head in the game. It gives me a way to bless others lives and really find meaning in my life!

Testimonials from our Heath coaches:

“I LOVE that strangers become lifelong FRIENDS! And [my] personal growth. I began this journey at 50 years old, and NEVER would have thought that things in my world and inside me would be so drastically different.”


“Coaching has NOTHING to do with income for me. The fact that I get paid for what I do is simply a bonus I love paying it forward and truly know in my heart that this program is capable of saving lives. While the choices made belong to the individual client, what I bring to the table knowledge, personal success, and ability to help reach the goal is important. The biggest blessing for me is the amazing lifelong relationships I have built in the process.”


“I love coaching because I get these experiences: Just talked to a lady that was scheduled for lap band surgery next month. We just finished having the best conversation as I talked with her about things she hasn't done in years. One of the things she can't wait to do is get down on the ground and garden again. We laughed together, and she shared her fears! We put her order in today and I am so glad I will be walking this journey with her. Although we are strangers, I love her already.”


“I am no longer tied to late hours working on websites and calling India!! I can play volleyball with my friends and with my kids- we are all going to a tourney in St. George next week, and I don't have to ask my ‘boss’ for time off- NOPE!”


“I am enjoying becoming a new person, inside and out. The example for my children has been literally life-changing. ANYTHING is now possible. I love the feeling of centering my life around what is important to me and my husband - something that would have seemed out of reach before coaching. The time to spend with children and family, the close relationships and life-changes I've been a part of as I've helped clients realize their dreams, and watching my team grow and develop as they become coaches and start to 'spread their wings'!


Ready to learn more about helping others?

"For the first time, I have a solution that gives people the likelihood of success, and a program that is easy to do."

Dr. Manko, MD - Medical Provider.

Kristy Medina and

Dr. Andersen being featured on ABC4 morning show

Dr. Anderson said,

"Like many people, you've probably tried to lose weight and failed. You are not alone... I'm going to give you the knowledge, skills, and support to put you back in the driver's seat. You and I are going to build a different kind of relationship than you may have experienced in your past medical treatments. I'm not going to use prescriptions, warnings, or fear tactics.

Instead, I'll be your teacher and your coach will be your guide. Together, we'll put you on the path to taking permanent charge of your health. "

As the health you will guide people through my System to help them achieve all that they desire while creating the Life you desire for yourself.

Kristy Medina and or its affiliate make no claim that these results are representative of ALL participants on the Program. Individual results vary. We always recommend that you consult with a physician before starting any weight-loss program.